Catalpa tree standing watch over a watchful angel. The angel is one of just a few carved statues in this cemetery. This one is atop the Burg family monument near the front (west) side, slightly north of the entrance gates. To tell the truth I just wanted an interesting foreground for the magnificent catalpa that was in full bloom. The statue was convenient. I wasn't trying to have the tree in sharp focus...just present as an overall impression of loveliness. For a different, portrait format, view of the scene, DP167-2013 Posted June 16 (Father's Day); processed June 15. . Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor June 11, 2013 (Apologies in advance for not being able to comment Sunday, June 15. I'll try to catch up later. Thanks for all the views and comments to my recent posts. Each one is much appreciated.) - arctangent
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