Sycamore bark silliness DP204-2013 Posted July 23; created ditto I was just trying to come up with something a little different for today. Once I decided to work with a recent (July 21) shot of sycamore bark, I just played around with processing it, and thought it might be fun to offer the three views as a set. The right-hand side is a filtered version with conte crayon applied to the background, and 'Find Edges' and 'Smudge Stick' applied to the bark, all with varying degrees of opacity. Big thanks to all who viewed and commented on yesterday's shot of teasel. Echoing Judy's (fotoeffects) remarks of a couple of days ago about her Palouse barn photo, I never know which of my offerings is going to strike a chord in people. I'm just happy when it happens. - arctangent