Reflection abstract with bubbles. DP215-2013 Posted August 3; processed August 2. Look closely in the larger sizes to see and appreciate the myriad tiny bubbles near the surface. There's a mundane explanation for the shot, which I don't think robs it of its magic. The reflection is of a multi-strand line (telephone or power, I don't know which) that runs paralled to the bridge on which I was standing and just far enough in front of it for me to catch its reflection without seriously endangering myself by leaning too far out. The sun was high over my right shoulder. Taken from the Old Dixboro Road Bridge over the Huron River at Geddes Dam (behind me when I took this). August 1, 2013 For those of you who are stuck viewing this on the new smugmug site, you can find photos posted by other members of the DailyPhotos community here: Also, if you leave a comment and would like me to visit your own site, either to view or to comment, please include a link to that site as part of your comment, since smugmug no longer includes that link in comments that are viewed in the new style. Your D-Day photos are due tomorrow. Do do yours. - arctangent