Donna's Alphabet Challenge: E (August 11, 2013) Electrical Energy. We can't do without it. This montage depicts three methods of production of electricity (described below). DP223-2013 Posted August 11; created August 10 from photos taken August 8 and 9. Unplanned insertion: As of early Sunday a.m. (USA), smugmug still hasn't fixed the problem of getting the 'Popular' galleries to be populated. To find other DailyPhotos community members' posts today, use the Gallery Pages at the bottom of the DP Community's home page, here: . Good luck! The central panel shows, top to bottom: (1) A decommissioned hydro-electric plant and dam at French Landing on the Huron River; (2) the Enrico Fermi nuclear power plant near Monroe; (3) Recently installed (this summer) solar panels on the North Campus of the University of Michigan. What is shown is a small part of the panel 'farm' going in. I don't know how many buildings it will ultimately supply power for. The latter two plants are operated by DTE. The bracketing power poles (actually one pole and its mirror image (with sign replaced)) are at the beginning of the road that leads to the Enrico Fermi plant. Yes, the pole is curved at the top. There's a story there, I'm sure. Anyway, the curve necessitated the use of a mirror image. Staying true to my plan to keep my Alphabet Challenge posts pictures that are as much as possible place-specific for SE lower Michigan, I stayed away from other methods of electricity production such as batteries or wind farms. I expect I could have found a coal-burning power plant, but... - arctangent