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June 2011 - time for a new profile on smugmug.
My name is Elizabeth Jacob. I'm a retired scientist living in southeast Michigan. I travel when I can, and love traveling vicariously through the photos of others. Nature - experiencing it, learning about it, photographing it, sharing my love of it - are passions for me. The subjects of other photographers that interest me and engage me aren't limited to nature and travel, though.

My plans to create one or more collections of my own very most favorite images are still pending, with only a partial selection of favorite nature photos on public display. I hope to expand on that, finishing the nature photos and moving on to travel and to miscellaneous photos in the coming months.

I have recently begun to blog on wordpress, inspired by a number of other smugmug users who have chosen to use that service. My blog is still very much in a stage of infancy, but if you're interested in reading my thoughts on how words and images, mine and others, affect my life I hope you'll check out

Also, I've created a gallery under my 'Public Collections' category to which I will collect virtual copies of each of my photos that I actually blog about ). The captions of those photos will contain links to relevant blogs. Constructive feedback, either on the blogs or the photos, is welcome. FYI, don't expect any "how to" blogs. I barely know myself how I do what I do. I'm not about to try to tell anyone else how to do what I do.

I have decided to continue to make my pictures available for downloading, so I’ll repeat what I wrote in my original profile:

Feel free to use any of my pictures for any personal use. If, for any strange reason, you want to use them for commercial purposes, remember that they're all copyrighted, and you need to check with me.

If you prefer communicating directly, rather than via comments to photos or galleries, you can contact me at an email address that I reserve exclusively for things related to photography:

Or you can use the email address that is supplied to some users when I leave comments. Either one is OK with me. I always love to hear from people.

As before, I hope you enjoy my pictures! To find all of my most recent uploads, just use the photo timeline searcher at the bottom of this page.

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